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The beauty of Microsoft Access (OR WHY Microsoft Access?) 

  • Access is fully customizable with a fantastic GUI (graphical user interface). When designed properly, an Access database requires very little training. A good developer (like Quick Code PROS) will create intuitive forms and automated tasks, reducing repetitive data entry and human error.

  • The function of Access is greatly extended by Visual Basic, making nearly ANY function possible. The only thing we haven’t been able to make it do is make our coffee.

  • Access can handle large volumes of data.

  • Access can access data from virtually any source through ODBC (open database connections). Which allows for infinite possibilities. ~Want your database to talk to your Quick Books software? Done. ~Need your database to communicate with Federal Express or UPS? Done. ~Want your database to work with Sales Force? Done. ~You name it, it can be done.

  • Access back ends (where your data resides) can be on a local drive, a shared server, a SharePoint site, an SQL server. Access can also be linked to Oracle tables.

  • Access databases can be modified as your needs change.

  • Access is totally compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of products (Excel, Word, Outlook) the most popular software on the market. Making for ease of use, familiarity, and superior functionality.