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I guess that means yes!! Thank you speedy-Gina!!

Man, you could not have been more "Johnny on the spot" with timing on this one!

Thank you Gina.

Wow - you are good!

thank you - nice job as always.

You are awesome, Gina!  Thank you so much!

Awesome!  You did a fabulous job, Gina!  We're ready for you to send the eBlast out!

Thanks so much for handling the Finance Holiday Party RSVPs.  You did a great job and it certainly helped me!

By the way, I just ran downstairs to the Quarterly Finance Leadership Meeting and the folks in the room asked me who I used to send the eBlast.  They were completely impressed with the appearance of the eBlast and they asked for your name because it was so slick!   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!  Since my boss is the EVP/CFO (head of Corporate Finance, you made all of us look good!)
Thanks Gina! You're the best!! I really appreciate it, this helps A LOT!

Thanks again for all you do – you have been a true Godsend to this office :O)


I love you girl!😂😂😂

I want to thank you so very much for everything that you have done for us. 

Again, thank you so much for your expertise and courtesy.

Look forward to working with you again.


Thanks !!  You're Terriffic !!
You Rock!!!!  It looks great to me.
We were just perusing your website and reading some of the raves.  It brought us back to how far we've come, what we've learned from you and all that you've developed for us.  It's been a wonderful relationship and we're fortunate that you're out there to guide us along.  Thank you for all of your suggestions, attention to detail and your straightforward approach to this technological maze we've found ourselves in.  We look forward to continued business with you.

Thanks !
I really appreciate your quick turn around on the requests that I send to you.
Have a great day !

You're great!  I'm still getting phone calls this morning with people RSVPing to me directly.  Thanks, we're going to have a great turnout.
That would be great!!!!!!
You are a Lifesaver
Good Afternoon Gina,
Thank you so much for all of your help this week.  You have been awesome!!!

Below is another request.
You Rock!!!!!
You are awesome!!!  Thanks Gina!!!
Thanks Gina, You rock!!!!!!!! I'll have Tiffany contact you.

Thank you for all of your help yesterday.  You were a rock star.

Hey Gina!
WOW!  Thanks so much for your quick turnaround - let me have a look at it and we might just go ahead and do as you note below - route them to a different page.

You are the best
As always.....  You Rock!
Girrrrl....  You are quick

It looks good to me.
You are so good ... thank you Gina.
You are awesome!
I will send the lists when I get them.  
thanks Gina!  this is great
You're the best!
You're awesome.  Thanks so much Gina.

Worked like a charm!!! You

I just wanted to tell you that you did an awesome job for us in regard to the 2/5-2/6 Annual Leadership Conference.  The meeting was a big success and I had several people comment on how they liked the eBlasts that you sent out.  We really appreciate all of the time you spent on this project and your attention to detail was outstanding!  I really enjoyed working on this project with you.  (In the future, if you have better ideas or techniques as far as tracking responses, etc., I'm happy to listen!)

Thanks for the prompt service!

Hi Gina,

Thanks so much for you help - it's good to know your service exist and you are so easy to work with!


Happy Thursday Gina,

Thanks you! I have REALLY enjoyed working with you.

You have made this process so easy.



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